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A beautifully balanced refreshing tonic

Ingredients: Spruce, cardamom, lemon peel.
Colour: Gentle yellow
Taste: The lovely taste of spruce, cardamom and lemon zest leads you to a walk through the morning forest at the moment when the sun is rising and nature is waking up.
Drink with: The tonic water is designed for letting the Gin shine in Gin&Tonic. The tonic is a refreshing drink alone as well.
Serving: At temperatures up to 20 degrees, plain or with Gin.
From: The product is made from recycled Helsinki Christmas tree from the Senat square.

Manufacturer: Lahhentagge OÜ
Region: Estonia // Saaremaa

Minimum order: 1 box (24 bottles).
Bottle size: 250ml Price includes delivery to Estonia and VAT. Unit price for bottle is 1.60€.